The 5 Best Sports Books to Start Your Year With

The 5 Best Sports Books to Start Your Year With

It’s no secret how passionate Canadians can get about ice hockey and that excitement definitely seemed to ramp up with the recent return of the NHL on January 13th. While I am sure that the NHL season will be filled with fascinating storylines I have put together a short list of sports stories that can capture any fan’s imagination. 

For the hockey fan - Over the Line, By Al Strachan: Al Strachan has been covering hockey for over forty years and is a hockey man through and through. He has written some of the best hockey books on the shelves. His time around the game has allowed him to garner a plethora of stories and insights that will surprise the modern fan. This is the perfect hockey book for any fan who loves the history of the sport and the marvellous stories that come with it. 

For the analytics fan - Moneyball, By Michael Lewis: Analytics is taking over sports and are used constantly to help make decisions especially in baseball. Moneyball marks the start of that era and this book showcases the team that changed the way we think about baseball. Moneyball is an excellent read for anyone who loves a true underdog story.

For the lover of sports history - The Roaring Game, By Doug Clark: Curling is truly a game for everyone and this book captures that perfectly. Clark brings the stories of curling heroes to life, while also showing how the game grew into the favourite it is today. Clark’s knowledge of the curling Olympics is unmatched and a highlight of the book. His magnificent story portrays the essence of curling and is a great read for any lover of the game or sports history. 

For the golf buff - Cinderella Story, By Bill Murray: Yes, this is written by the same Bill Murray you have seen in Caddyshack and Ghost Busters, however, this time he is not acting. In this book, Bill dives deep into one of his first and greatest passions - golf. Follow along as Bill recounts his time as a caddy as well as his experiences with Pro-Am golf, the Masters, the U.S. Open and the Western Open. It is one of the best golf books for any passionate golf and Bill Murray fan. 

For the future sportswriter - Fever Pitch, By Nick Hornby: Sports have always been about the stories and Fever Pitch highlights that. This book, which is actually a memoir, dives into the author’s life and Arsenal Football Club. Without giving too much away, the memoir connects soccer/football matches to real events in his life. This book is a prime example of how sports and their stories go beyond the field and that is why it is one of the best soccer books. If you’re a die-hard fan of sports you’ll relate to Hornby’s tale.
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