The Importance of Shopping Local

The Importance of Shopping Local

Many small businesses (particularly in the retail sector) are feeling the effects of covid-19 on their bottom line. Now more than ever, it’s important to support the local independent shops in your community that you care about! 

Small businesses not only make up a driving majority in Canada’s economy, but they are what brings character to a community. In a place like Fenelon Falls, walking around and poking into our stores is an event, especially in the summertime when you can also enjoy our public beach and beautiful vistas on Cameron Lake.

The shops that make up our community give back to our community; beloved events like Santa Day and Midnight Madness, the Canada Day Fireworks, the Country Living Show, the Passport to Christmas contest, family photo opportunities, and craft workshop classes. All of these things that make Fenelon amazing are thanks to the small business owners of the area. 

Holiday shopping is a big part of a retail business, and this year it might be tempting to do all of your shopping online. I don’t blame you! But, before checking out Amazon, consider contacting a local retailer to see if they might have something you’re looking for, and if they will accommodate you with delivery or curbside pickup if you’d rather not shop. 

As a small business owner I can tell you that I appreciate the support of each and every customer so much, and I promise to pour that love right back into our community. Please shop local this year, and thank you.