REVIEW: 'The Push' by Ashley Audrain

REVIEW: 'The Push' by Ashley Audrain

When books are heavily marketed and publicized before they are printed, I typically approach with caution and try not to let the hype artificially inflate my expectations. However, after seeing it everywhere early this year, I couldn't resist the pull of The Push by Ashley Audrain.

In his review of The Push in the Toronto Star, Robert J. Wiersema writes: "In the summer of 2019, Toronto writer Ashley Audrain made headlines as rights to her novel “The Push” sold in almost two dozen countries in under two weeks, a nearly unprecedented success for a debut writer." So it was already making a splash in the publishing industry, and my curiosity was piqued.

I don't normally read too much in the psychological thriller genre, but from time to time I indulge in these fast-paced, page-turning novels, and The Push did not disappoint and delivered a taut, tense reading experience that had me hooked until the very last word.

In the book, Blythe Connor tells the story of her young family, perfect-looking on the outside, but with demons brewing behind closed doors - some stemming from generations back. Blythe struggles with feeling naturally maternal with her difficult daughter, Violet, but falls in love easily with her young son. When a tragic accident occurs, readers are led to question what the truth of that day really was, and whose experiences are truly authentic. In the aftermath, Blythe's story forces us to consider how much you can really trust anyone, even those closest to you. 

At the time of this writing, I have one copy of The Push available for sale. Click here to grab it so you can decide for yourself if the hype is real!

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